Step Brothers Wieners & More in St. Cloud

“This is awesome” were the words I thought to myself as I walked into Step Brothers Wieners & More, a hot dog cafe in Centennial Plaza, with my co-investigator.

I’ve never been to a hot dog cafe, so I wasn’t really sure what to order. I asked the guy at the counter what he recommended and he said “The Bomb Dog.” My eyes scanned the menu and read what was on that wiener –pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw — and I ordered it without a second thought (I’m a sucker for BBQ — I blame (or should thank?) my dad for that).  I ordered my wiener as a combo. The choices available for that were a fountain drink or coffee and choice of tater tots, french fries or kettle chips. Since I was already veering away from the “norm” by dining at a hot dog cafe for lunch, I ordered tater tots instead of french fries for my combo.

Unfortunately it has been a few days since we have visited Step Brothers so I’m not quite sure what my co-investigator ordered — I think it was a Reuben wiener, though!

While we were waiting for our order we found a place to sit and quickly noticed how unique the restaurant was. For starters, the restaurant was clean and up-to-date — everything was brand new (or at least appeared that way!). It was also really unique. There were numerous awkward family portraits around the restaurant — which is part of Step Brother’s theme. In fact, they encourage people to bring in their own awkward family portraits and display them at the restaurant.

We didn’t have too much time to observe the restaurant, though. Our food was ready quickly! The flavor in “The Bomb Dog” was amazing and the tater tots also accompanied the wiener well. With the wiener loaded with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and coleslaw, it somewhat feel apart after a few bites, which was fine… I just used a fork! It didn’t take me long to devour my meal and realize that the wiener truly was worthy of its name as it was “bomb!”

Overall, I really enjoyed Step Brothers Wieners & More. It was something different, the staff were very friendly and helpful, and everything tasted great. If you’re not in the mood for a wiener, they also have sandwiches, wraps and salads. I would recommend Step Brother’s Wieners & More to anyone looking for something quick, different, and affordable for lunch or dinner!

Step Brothers Wieners & More
2104 Veterans Drive, Saint Cloud, MN 56303 (Google Map)
(320) 774-1500

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